Worlds Fair Nano
New York City
September 16th & 17th
Brooklyn Expo Center
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Experience the future!

Join us for a whirlwind two-day festival filled with mind-blowing technology, futurist talks, interactive art, live music, food, and more. At Worlds Fair Nano, we believe the future should be fun.

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The Interactive Tech Exhibits

Stop by our Technology Playground to experience futuristic technology first hand! This is the stuff you’ve probably only read about. There will be no display cases. This is an opportunity to look, listen, touch, and play.


a new way to feel better

Looking Glass Factory

The World's First Personal Volumetric Displays


Peace of mind at mealtime


Change the way you commute


Chew your coffee

Dog Parker

Smart Doghouses


Food in Augmented Reality


eat crickets

dreamsail games

gaming in VR


Live action VR

Rise Robotics

creating powerful human motion

Disco Dog

a party for your pup


turn any surface into an interactive display


Power meets performance


Virtual reality for real estate


The couples vibrator

viter energy

caffeinated energy mints


Discover the real world in VR


Custom Cars that fuel STEM learning


Unlock your smartphone with handsfree VR

Touch Creature

Kinetic - motion controlled sculpture

Skill Mill NYC

Make your project ideas a reality.


The Endless Ride


Unleash your creativity with a robot that works hard for you.


Striking design meets functional innovation


Virtual. Augmented. Live.


Portable, smart, fresh.


Augmented Reality Grocery Shopping


(Truly Personal) Bionic Hand


Turn your bike into a smart bike


Playtime. Anytime.

Epilog Laser

The leaders in laser engraving, cutting and marking.

Dabit Automation

Robots for the future

Ocean Learning Lab

The Ocean in AR


data science meets horticulture

Tesla Science Foundation

500,000 volts of pure energy

Bella Gaia

Beautiful World

Pop Up Gaming

Escape the Room in VR


The ultimate workhorse


full body movement simulation in vr


tune in and turn on


The world's first AI personal trainer


Drones - submerged

Staten Island Solar Car

Sun Powered

Bionic Boot

Run up to 25MPH


Worry Less. Communicate More.


The first electric bike that folds in 1 second

Roar for Good

Safety at the touch of a button


Harness the power of the sky
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The Talks

We don't have a crystal ball, but we do have an epic lineup of pioneers giving you the future of our world. The Speaker Series goes all day Saturday and Sunday. At the end of each day, StarTalk All-Stars will be taking stage.

Stay tuned for updates as new speakers get added. There will be over 45 in total! Talks are first come first seated! 



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The Art

We’ve hand selected a few incredibly talented Brooklyn-based artists to showcase their work. Some of them will be creating art live, on the spot, from a series of futuristic cues we’ve provided.


Imagine a giant canvas where you can paint and splash light collaboratively or watch the floating clouds and skyscape shift in a monet-esque reflection.

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Not the blocks from your childhood...Experience these sound and light sensitive cubes.

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An interactive installation and experimental instrument that incorporates projection and sound generated by a wireless box made of wood, plexiglas, Arduino, electronic components and custom touch sensors. By touching the box at various points, participants create different sounds; these sounds then generate changes in the projection.

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Prosthetic Reality

EyeJack app. allows you to experience art in Augmented Reality. For a sneak preview, download the EyeJackapp. select "prosthetic reality" and hold your phone over the pink lady image. The magic of AR is at your finger tips.

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The Food Fest

Food is a pretty important thing, and there's more engineering involved than you may realize. We brought a few game changers into the space, and we hope that you'll give them a try. Don't worry, we're going to have "normal" food as well.

Food Trucks

New York's top food trucks will be lined up and ready to serve you some of the most delicious food the city has the offer. Trucks in attendance include Andy's Italian Ice, Deli Dogz, Gorilla Cheese, Luke's Lobster, Neapolitan Express, Phil's Steaks, Chef Samir, Meatoss, Sweet Chili, and Yankee Doodle Dandys!


We've all tried drinking our coffee - but what about chewing it? GO CUBES are the future of coffee. GO CUBES combine the kick of coffee with the relaxation of green tea. And instead of putting your coffee in a cup, you can put it in your pocket, for performance on the go.


Have you tried crickets yet? Seek Food is bringing insects to the American diet via ultra delicious and nutritious snacks with the star ingredient, the protein-rich cricket.


Microgreens are the tiny titans of the salad world, packed with up to 40x the flavor-packed antioxidants and micronutrients of traditional leafy greens. Edenworks operates aquaponic ecosystems that use 95% less water than conventional farms, no pesticides, and no GMOs.

Sound Tea

SOUND believes that life can be sweet without added sugar, that bubbles make everything better and that #LessIsEnough.

Dippin Dots

Dippin' Dots have been the ice cream of the future since 1988. We don't know why the world hasn't made the transition from classic scoops to this delicious futuristic treat, but we're hoping it happens soon! Created by flash freezing ice cream mix in liquid nitrogen - Dippin' Dots might be the coldest ice cream you ever eat.


Whole food protein bars with real ingredients. Egg whites for protein. Dates to bind. Nuts for texture. The core ingredients in RXBAR are all there for a reason. No free rides. No fillers. No B.S. Just good, clean food with 100% natural flavors.


If you’ve ever wasted time and energy trying to decide what to eat for lunch, or have been too busy to eat a proper meal - Soylent is for you. Each Soylent product contains a complete blend of protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and micronutrients: everything the body needs to thrive.

Chirps Chips

Chirps are the first ever cricket chip, made with a wholesome mix of stone-ground corn, beans, chia seeds, and of course cricket flour.

Dream Greens by Aerofarms

Dream Greens are small greens with BIG flavor. These baby leafy greens are locally grown all year round just 10 miles from NYC by AeroFarms, the largest indoor aeroponic vertical farm in the world. Not only are these greens packed with deliciousness & nutrition, they're packed with major benefits for us and our planet: grown with 95% less water, zero pesticides, no GMOs and a fraction of the fertilizer typically used in the field. No wonder why we #lovedreamgreens.


Our elixirs are Soulfully Crafted to taste creamy and indulgent. What you taste is what you get – the whole ingredients and herbs – that’s it. Since we don’t use gums, natural flavors, or thickeners, there’s no tastebud trickery. Just pure honest sensory delight. Through the art of food and taste, we welcome our Tribe to the world of plants, to the world of REBBL.
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The Speaker Schedule

Both days of Nano are jam packed. The Technology Playground is open the entire time and here are the exact times for the Speaker Series. Keep an eye out for new speakers! There will be 40+ in total. 



The Future of Education 

Keri Kukral, Founder, Raw Science TV


The Future of Healthcare

Dr. Joon Yun, President, Palo Alto Investors


The Future of Art

Jen Lewin, Artist


The Future of Work

Dennis Mortensen, CEO,


The Future of Robots

Hod Lipson, Professor of Engineering, Columbia University


The Future of Artificially Intelligent People and Us

BINA48, Sentient Robot, Mindfile of Bina Rothblatt

Bruce Duncan, Managing Director, Terasem Movement

Dr. William Barry, Associate Professor of Philosophy & World's First Philosophy Professor for Artificial Intelligent Being, NDNU

Maria Gomez Rachelle, CEO, Living Leadship Today


The Future of Basic Income

Andy Stern, Author, Raising The Floor


The Future of Brooklyn

Eric Adams, Borough President, Brooklyn


The Future of Bioengineering

Randal J. Kirk, CEO, Intrexon


The Future of Vertical Farms

David Rosenberg, CEO, Aerofarms


The Future Dating

Justin McLeod, CEO, Hinge


The Future of Location Data

Dennis Crowley, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Foursquare


The Future of Psychedelic Science

Dr. Stephen Ross, Associate Professor Department of Psychiatry, NYU


The Future of the Worlds Fair

Michael Weiss, CEO, Worlds Fair USA


The Future of Creativity

Max Bogue, Co-Founder & CEO, 3Doodler


The Future of Equality

Roya Mahboob, Co-Founder & CEO, Digital Citizen Fund


StarTalk All-Stars: The Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence

Hosted by Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence)

Guest: Douglas Vakoch, President, METI International (Messaging Extraterrestial Intelligence)

Cohosted by comedian Chuck Nice & Eureka! Comedy Science producer Allen Saakyan





The Future of Career Happiness

Kathryn Minshew, CEO, The Muse


The Future of Ethical Technology

Max Stossel, Co-Founder, Time Well Spent


The Future of Music

Spectrum, Virtual Reality DJ Duo


The Future of Intimacy

Toon Timmermans, CEO, Kiiroo


The Future of Human Potential

Marc Elliot, Motivational Speaker Who Cured Himself of Tourette's Syndrom


The Future of the Built Environment

Skylar Tibbets, Co-Founder & Director, Self-Assembly Lab at MIT


The Future of Quantum Computers

Eric Ladizinsky, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, D-Wave


The Future of Personal Crisis

Baylee Greenberg, COO, Crisis Text Line


The Future of Flying Cars

Mark Jennings-Bates, VP, Pal-V


The Future of Design

Billie Whitehouse, CEO, WearableX


The Future of Entrepreneurship

Adeo Ressi, CEO, Founder Institute


The Future of Libraries

Anthony Marx, President, The New York Public Library


The Future of the Brain

Joel Salinas, MD, Instructor, Harvard Medical School


The Future of Books

Lisa Sharkey, SVP & Director Creative Development, HarperCollins


The Future of the Blockchain

Joseph Lubin, Founder, Consensys 


The Future of American Leadership

Senator Tim Kaine, Senator to Virginia, U.S. Senate


StarTalk All-Stars: Fears, Fantasies, & Ethics of Bioengineering

Hosted by David Grinspoon, Senior Scientist, Planetary Science Insititute

Guest: Randal J. Kirk, CEO, Intrexon

Cohosted by comedian Chuck Nice & Eureka! Comedy Science producer Allen Saakyan


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There are going to be extra special. Follow this schedule as new experiences are added!

10:00AM TBA
5:30 PM TBA


10:00AM TBA
5:30PM TBA


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The Venue

Located near the Greenpoint Waterfront, the Brooklyn Expo Center is hosting Worlds Fair Nano's tech demos, art exhibits, food and music. The speaker series is taking place a short block nearby at the epic Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse. 

Brooklyn Expo Center

Located in the heart of Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood, this all glass venue will house the future for two days in 60,000 square feet of indoor & outdoor space.

72 Noble St. Brooklyn, NY. 11222

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.40.47 AM.png

Getting There

Rideshare: Use code WFN17 to get $10 in Lyft credits or by clicking here to have the code automatically applied once downloaded from the link. Code valid for new users only.

Nearest NYC MTA Subway Stop: G train- Greenpoint Ave stop- Greenpoint ave at Manhattan Ave

Nearest East River Ferry Stop: India Street stop-

Busses: B62 to Manhattan Ave and Calyer St or B32 to Franklin and Noble stop -

Also Easy Access Via: Williamsburg Bridge - Queens Midtown Tunnel - Long Island Expressway - Brooklyn Queens Expressway


Hotel Options: Head over to, enter your dates and click 'check availability.' Click on 'Special Codes' on the lower left, and enter 'WFAIRNANO' into the 'Corporate/Promotion Code' for 15% off of Brooklyn's premiere boutique hotel.

Other nearby options include:

1. Best Western at 3317 Greenpoint Ave, Long Island City / 718-392-8400 /
2. The Boxhouse Hotel at 77 Box Street Brooklyn NY 11222 / 718-383-3800 /
3. Red Roof Inn Queens at 38-05 Hunters Point Ave Long Island City / 718-706-6700 /

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The VIP Experience

GP Terminal Warehouse.png

In addition to all regular event programing VIP ticket holders will have access to the following: 

  • Friday Night VIP Cocktail Experience.  Mingle with our exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and select members of the press at our pre-event cocktail party. (Alcohol included. Must be 21+ to attend). 
  • Early Event Access. Skip the lines! Doors open to VIP ticket holders one hour early on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Speaker Break-Out Sessions. VIP ticket holders will be guaranteed spots in break out sessions with participating speakers. 
  • Afterparty Access. A ticket to our official afterparty on Saturday night is included.
  • Swag Bags. Take the future with you. It'll be stuffed with awesome future products & special offers from our sponsors. 
  • Expedited Check In. Even if you don’t decide to arrive early, you’ll still get to skip the lines for check in. 


The Partner Brands


Special Guests



Calling all college level students in the NYC area! We are looking specifically for student volunteers who are available September 16th and 17th to come lend a hand at Worlds Fair Nano. Gain admission, get a free t-shirt, and become a part of the future. Please email a resume to for more information.

The goal of our company, Worlds Fair USA, is to organize the first Worlds Fair in the U.S. since 1984. We plan to get there by growing the Worlds Fair Nano event series into the 6-month event. The purpose of both Nano and the big Worlds Fair is to connect people to the future in order to inspire them to create it.

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